Bump'n Joystick Pre-Sales Opening Soon!

Big… exciting... titillating news! On December 3rd, International Day for People with Disabilities,  we are launching pre-sales for the Bump’n Joystick! The FIRST sex toy created for and by disabled people! 

Here’s everything you need to know about the design and why we (and our testers) are frothing over it. 


Bumpn Joystick Features 

Key Features: 

  1. Hug, Position, ENJOYYYY!  Hands are the biggest barrier to current sex toys and to a good old fashioned wank. So we’ve taken them out of the equation - removing the reliance on fine motor skills and hands, transferring it to gross motor skills and larger muscle groups. This means you can hug it, position it, and relax - letting the feel good wash over you without worrying about what your hands are (or aren’t) doing. 
  2. Cuddle & Cum - Soft, cuddly pillow-top increases intimacy and comfort, while the vibration or sleeve works your nether regions. 
  3. A Flexible Bed Buddy - Designed to bend and flex for different positions, body types, preferences, needs and kinks. Bend it, flex it and reverse it. Work it! 
  4. Holds Your Favourite Toys - Designed to hold your sex toys that you already have or want to try, with different sized holes to fit a range of vibrators, dildos, wands and sleeves.  
  5. Gender Fluid - The Joystick has been designed to fit all gender expressions by offering different angles and sizes of holes.  Use it solo or in partner play. 

Our first run will be limited number, first come first serve - pre-register your interest today so you don't miss out! 

Psst - we’re also creating our own accessible sleeves and vibrators, designed to fit into The Joystick because we know these are sorely needed as well. These will be available next year. 

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