Crip Tips For Making a Hot, Sexy Video

With the lockdowns rapidly becoming the “new normal” for many of us, we have seen an explosion of people making real world sex videos their new favourite pastime. With today’s technology it seems simple, right? Grab your smartphone, hit record and you’re good to go. But, what happens if you are someone living with complex disabilities and you can’t just set up your smartphone by yourself and start shooting? Does your disability allow you the energy to spend time editing? Should you include your mobility device in the video?

On the blog today, we want to give you some “crip tips” on how to make a hot, steamy, sexy video as a disabled person. Let’s get right into it.

Get Ready & Set the Scene

If you’re someone with a disability, the idea of getting ready to make your real world sex debut might seem rather daunting. Maybe you feel unsure because you need help from attendant care workers to get set up properly. You may have to ask your attendant to position the camera if you’re doing a solo video, or to help you get in bed by using a transfer sling. It can be hard to ask for help while maintaining a sexy vibe, but remember, disability doesn’t mean you can’t express your sexuality, sometimes we just need a helping hand.

If you’re having partnered sex, you could ask your sex partner for help with these things which can have an added benefit of strengthening your bond and igniting your sexual chemistry. Your partner could also help prop up the phone to get that sultry angle, and make sure the lighting is just right to catch your sexy, seated side.

When you are getting ready to start shooting, make sure there are minimal sounds that will interfere with the recording, but we totally want to hear sounds from your power chair, ventilator, the sexy whir of your accessible bed as it goes up and down during the throes of passion. Don’t be afraid to let the sounds of your disability help set the scene. We realize that for many, music helps set the mood, but make sure the music is either royalty-free music (nothing turns me on more than some Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, amirite?) or music that you created yourself.

When setting up the camera or smartphone, we encourage you to angle them in order to show off your mobility device in the video; whether that be a walker, wheelchair or a cane, we know that these are a vital part of who you are, so they’d better be a part of your sex, too, right?

Introduce Yourself and Your Disability

One of the things we love about real world sex and the content produced by our friends at Make Love Not Porn, is getting to know the stars of the show. Introduce your fabulous self to the audience, let them know who you are, what turns you on, and if you’re comfortable, let them know what your disability is. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase that disabled people are hot, proud, and sexy AF.

Limit the Editing (or can it completely!)

Another great thing about real world sex videos is that they don’t require a ton of editing, in fact, they don’t require editing at all! This is perfect from an accessibility viewpoint because if you have limited dexterity, trouble looking at computer screens for long periods or other disability issues, spending countless hours cutting down a scene to find that one hot shot can be really exhausting, and shouldn’t you save your energy for your next masturbation masterpiece? We think so! We also want to see how your disability interplays with your sex life; we want to see those parts of you because they add to your sex appeal, so don’t leave them on the cutting room floor.

Be Bold, Be Sexy, Be Disabled and in Control

We know that as disabled people it can be hard to express your sexuality. We are very rarely given opportunities to be bold, sexy and disabled. By creating your own content, you are not only proving that disabled people are hot af, you are doing it on your own terms, based on your own needs. Need to stop recording so your attendant can help you? You can do that. Need to check in with your sex partner about helping you position yourself in a way that makes the shot look amazing, while also being comfy for your body? You can do that, too. This is a perfect opportunity for you to embrace all the parts of your disability that you want to show in a bold, beautiful and unapologetic way, while making a sexy video 100% accessible for you. What could be hotter than that?

We hope this helps get your creative (and other) juices flowing! Get in the mood and #MakeDisabledLoveNotPorn!

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