Bump’n The Barriers to Valentine’s Day: Making Valentine’s Day More Accessible for Disabled Lovers & Legends Out There

It’s February, and we all know what that means. Every aisle is brimming with red and pink boxes filled to the brim with chocolate delights and bouquets of flowers for the lovers out there. For this blog, I wanted to look at Valentine’s Day from a disability-specific perspective and explore some gifts and ideas that were not only accessible to disabled folks, but that also really push into the disabled experience..

Here are 3 fun, sexy, accessible Valentine’s Day Gifts for all you gorgeous gimps!

Do-It Yourself Gifts Are Way More Accessible

Often we think a Valentine’s Day gift needs to be some big, lavish, over-the-top product or gesture that will make someone fall for us. And these often come with a matching price tag. A lot of disabled people live on less than $700 a month and those things are simply out of reach.

One of the ways that I like to share affection with someone is to make them something myself - a handwritten, typed or voice note that shares what they mean to me, or a sexy video that is for their eyes only. I also love gifts that are less about material things and more about the time that you spend together - It is Valentine’s after all!

I love things like movie nights or listening to your favourite podcast with your partner because they are inexpensive, accessible and a fun way to spend quality time.

Make Your Own Cripple Sutra

As I was scrolling through listicle upon listicle of what makes the best Valentine’s Day Gift, I was inundated with SO MANY different books that boasted they would come up with the HOTTEST sexual positions, and guess what I couldn’t find, friends? I couldn’t find any book that spoke specifically to positions for disabled individuals. That’s not all that surprising, really, but I thought that a fun accessible thing you might do for Valentine’s Day with your hot disabled self or with a sexy seated partner, is to look at some of the inaccessible positions and explore new and innovative ways to make them work for your disabled body.

Whether you are doing this solo or with four or more, I think this is a fabulous activity that shows just how delectable, delicious and drippingly hot disability can in fact be. So go on, write your own pages that put the passion in your Palsy!

Celebrate single, seated & sexy

If you are single & disabled this Valentine’s Day, fear not: this is the perfect opportunity for you to remember all the things you love about your hot crip self!

  • Take hot seated selfies that show why your wheelchair is one of your hottest accessories.
  • Write down all the things you love about your disabled body. In our body obsessed culture, we are so quick to find the things we don’t like about ourselves, and making that list can be all too easy when you have a disability. For me, I have weird feet that go purple when they don’t have circulation, and I have so many scars to count. Trust me, my list is pages long all by itself. But, if I look at my body in other ways, I might see it like this:

    The scars from my surgeries, the ones that hurt so much, are now pathways to pleasure. If you follow the curves of my crippled spine, you’ll see my disability belly, the place where I keep all my emotions; then, you’ll travel to my twisted hands, the ones that may look deformed to some, but delightful to others…

    See? Try it yourself. Who knows how you’ll end up seeing yourself?

Give the Gift of Bump’n

Maybe you want to do something special for that disabled person in your life this Valentine’s Day, but you’re not quite sure what to do? Consider purchasing them a gift card from our store. They start at $10 and go all the way up to $250.00. They are completely transferable and never expire. This could be a great way to help a disabled person who is on a fixed income get that much closer to a Bump’n Joystick of their very own!

Hopefully this blog makes Valentine’s Day a little more disability-friendly, and gives you some new accessible ideas for you to try, with a loved one or if you’re just loving yourself! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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