Lets #Make Disabled Love Not Porn

This week on Handicast, we sit down with the legend spearheading the social sex revolution - Founder and CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn (MLNP), Cindy Gallop. For those unfamiliar with MLNP, it’s the world's first user-generated, human-curated, social sex platform - The Facebook of Real World Sex! It’s Prosex. Proporn. Pro knowing the difference.

By inviting people to share their real world sexy encounters, MLNP directly combats the notion that what you see in porn is what you can or should expect from sex IRL. Instead of falling for over-acting and an unrealistic portrayal of bedroom-booty, you'll fall in love with the intimacy and tenderness found in real people being their unscripted, authentic and sexy selves.

In this episode, Cindy describes her journey in the sextech industry and how its changed over the years, giving some sage advice to anyone who wants to be part of the revolution to "come out of the shadows". And we talk about the importance of increasing representation and diversity within the sex industry.

It turns out we share a common goal: to increase the number of disabled MakeLoveNotPorn stars, videos and members. As such, we’ve teamed up with MLNP to make this dream a reality.

First, we're pumped to offer Handi fans a 50% discount using this discount code to get stuck into and explore the incredibly sexy MLNP videos.

Second, we’ve curated a list of “crip tips” for how to make your own hot, steamy, sexy video as a disabled person, taking your inner disabled MakeLoveNotPorn star out of the shadows.

This won't just benefit the disabled community, it benefits everyone! As Cindy points out

"Disabled MakeLoveNotPorn will teach able bodied people a lot about the care and consideration that should be brought to sex in totality."

So, if your inner MLNP star has been dying to get out, and you want to be part of the social sex revolution while increasing disabled representation, now's your chance to

We can’t wait to see your videos and watch the disabled MLNP stars go up, up, up.

Download and listen to the full episode here

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