Role Play - The Lost Chapter

The Handi Book of Love, Lust & Disability unearthed 13 previously unexplored chapters and topics in the realm of sex + disability. But we have a confession to make: There was one titillating chapter that was so hot, that we kept it all to ourselves… until today...

Enough foreplay, lets get right into the juicy bits - The lost chapter focuses on Role Play, delving into how people use sex as an opportunity to unleash and explore different, often kinkier, sides of themselves, AND the roles people & partners play in their relationships and how these roles impact sex.  

Andrew Gurza, Chief Disability Officer was so excited that he donned his leathers to tell you more.

Because Handi is all about giving AND receiving (pun definitely intended), we’re gifting you the lost chapter for free - allowing you to donate if and what you can. As always, every dollar goes towards product development - the Handi Joystick is now literally being prototyped as you read this - all thanks to the generosity of our community.  

Download for free here

 If this chapter whets your appetite, leaving you wanting more - you can buy the full Handi Book here, if you haven't already.  

Thank you so much for your support and being a part of the journey with us. 


Team Handi

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