Hear From Handi Joystick Testers Part 1: Rachel & Nathan

Welcome back to the The Handicast! On this episode,  Heather and Andrew are excited to talk more about Handi’s first sex toy The Handi Joystick, and introduce you to two people who tested the prototype for us, Nathan and Rachel. 

Nathan shares with us how he thinks that a toy like this will help so many people around the world + Rachel shares that when using the toy she feels more confident, less shame and is more connected to her body. What amazing feedback!   

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You can follow Rachel at www.instagram.com/rachelworsleynd 

You can follow Nathan on at: www.instagram.com/mcwheels94 

To help fund the development of our toy, and read real life stories about sex and disability from 50 amazing disabled contributors, you can order your copy of The Handi Book of Love, Lust and Disability  right now, right here 

You can hear more about our toy The Handi Joystick here: https://thatshandi.co/blogs/handi-blog/introducing-the-handi-joystick 

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