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Do you believe that sexual pleasure is a human right? 

Do you believe every single one of us deserves to experience the mind blowing, back arching goodness of sexual pleasure?
We thought so… 

Hundreds of millions of people are unable to take pleasure into their own hands due to disability, ageing, arthritis or illness. Bump’n is on a mission to change this with the Bump’n Joystick - the world’s first accessible sex toy!

We’re so close to getting the Joystick to bedrooms around the world, but every day is a battle to keep the Bump’n dream alive and so we’re asking for a little help.

Help spread self-love and fund an orgasm today

Help us spread the self-love and Fund an Orgasm for someone who truly deserves it by either donating direct to the cause or gifting a Joystick or gift card to someone in need.

Every $249 USD raised =
1 Joystick + countless orgasms!