Bye bye Handi - A bump’n new name

We know we’ve been a little quiet of late, but we promise, we haven’t ghosted. We’ve been busy beavering away and are ready to share a full update. 

A few months ago we were approached by a sex tech company out of Norway who create a male masturbator called The Handy. As owners of ‘The Handy’ trademark, they insisted that we change our name, despite our best efforts to find ways to co-exist. 

This was a heartbreaking realisation for us because the name Handi meant so much more to us than a shorthand to hand job. It positively reappropriated Handicapped, had deep meaning for us and the disabled community, and brought the fun and play that sex + disability deserves.  

BUT we are more than a name, we are a mission and a movement. And this sure wasn’t going to stop us! 

So fear not, we have landed on a name we are swooning over, a name which can carry the meaning and purpose of Handi AND set us up for even bigger and better things in the future.

Drum roll pleasseeeeeeeee……… 

Our new name is Bump’n

Why? Because we believe that everybody and anybody deserves to bump’n grind (oh ya!), so we are bump’n the barriers to your sexual pleasure

Bump’n has so many reasons to swipe right: 

  • It beautifully expresses what we do with all the play and cheek we want
  • Has undeniable sexual undertones without being crass - bump’n grind, bump’n uglies, bumps n lumps, etc. 
  • We can own it - no more trademark issues! 
  • It nods to disability - We know that many people and disabilities come with bumps, bruises and scars - and that these points are often more sexually sensitive. Yes!  
  • It carries a positive emotion - bumpn party, bumpn good time, bump’n on etc.

Our Ask: We’d love it if you could share this post and our new logo and handles with your networks to help spread the word and support the little guys (us). 

Thank you so much for being on our journey and your patience as our small but incredible team worked through this change. We so appreciate your support - and our toy launch is coming up so stay tuned! 


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