About us

Bump’n was founded by disability consultant and activist Andrew Gurza and innovation strategist Heather Morrison from a simple and shocking fact: hundreds of millions of people around the world can’t masturbate due to hand limitations (pain, immobility, lack of dexterity, weakness etc). 

In fact, our research showed that over 50% of physically disabled people surveyed struggle to achieve sexual pleasure on their own. And shockingly, no products have been designed with them in mind, despite over 90% of those surveyed telling us they wanted one. 

This puts people in an awkward position (and not the kind we like) of asking someone for help, paying someone every time you want to have a release, or not getting off at all – which isn’t really an option is it? What’s worse, the topic is still terribly taboo and off limits. Or it was - until now… 


Andrew Gurza, Chief Disability Officer and Heather Morrisson, CEO of Handi

We're on a mission to bump the barriers to sexual pleasure. How will we do this?

Developing sexual health products & services 

We’ve brought together an amazing team of sexual health and design experts, occupational therapists, and of course, the disabled community. We’re starting by creating the first line of sex toys for people with hand limitations, but there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

Building a brand, sparking a movement

Bump'n aims to tear down the taboo and talk openly about all things sex + disability. No topic is off limits.


From product to brand to advertising, we invite suggestions and feedback so we can help make sure we’re building the very best and most accessible company possible.