How does the Bump'n Joystick work?

The Joystick adapter has been designed by sexual health and wellness experts, Occupational Therapists and the disabled community - making it the first in a line of sex toys designed for and by disabled people, to be enjoyed by all. 

We often describe the Joystick as if a body pillow and a foam roller had a love child. It's designed for you to cuddle into or wrap yourself around, positioning it wherever feels nice, while holding a variety of sleeves, dildos, wands and vibrators in the middle. See product features below for more details. 

Key Features: 

Hug, Position, ENJOYYYY! 

Hands are the biggest barrier to sex toys on the market and to an unaided wank. So, we’ve removed the reliance on fine motor skills and hands, transferring it to gross motor skills and larger muscle groups.

Once you hug the Joystick into position, with a vibrator or sleeve in the centre,  you can relax and let the pleasure wash over you without worrying about your hands!

Cuddle & Cum

The Joystick’s soft, cuddly pillow top increases intimacy and comfort, while the vibration or sleeve works your nether regions.


A Flexible Bed Buddy 

Designed to bend and flex for different positions, body types, preferences, needs and kinks. Bend it, flex it and reverse it.  Make it work for you - not the other way around!


Fits Your Favourite Toys 

The Joystick has been designed to hold your favourite sex toys, including vibrators, dildos, wands and sleeves. There are different sized holes to accommodate a variety of toys (and kinks). Breathing new life into toys you own, or allowing you to explore a variety of new toys.



Gender Fluid 
The Joystick fits all gender expressions - with different angles and sized holes for a variety of toys and anatomy. Use a vibrator, sleeve, dildo or whatever gets your rocks off. Use it solo or in partner play.

Go on, get creative, treat yo’ self :) 


Cleaning & Storage

The two halves come apart for easy cleaning and storage.  Some testers have also used it for partner play and different positions - adding even more flexibility and versatility.

We are currently developing our own accessible vibrators and sleeves to fit into the middle cavity, but in the meantime have trialled and recommended a number of off-the-shelf sex toys to use. This means you can breathe new life into toys you might already have at home but aren’t able to use AND try a variety of off-the-shelf toys for different shapes, strengths and kinks. 

Our user videos will be coming soon!


What is the dimensions of the Bump'n Joystick?

The Joystick adapter is roughly 1m (3ft) in length, 30 cm (11-12 inches diameter). The top and bottom halves come apart. Below are a few more pictures with someone at scale. 



Which disabilities has it been designed for/does it work for the best?

Our research found that hand-related issues were the biggest barrier to self-pleasure and using the toys on the market. Things like reach, pain, dexterity, fine motor skills, ability to sustain a motion or movement or rhythm long enough to cum, etc. So The Joystick has been designed with this in mind, from start to finish. From unboxing, to use, to cleanup, charging and storage - we’ve tried to take hands and fine motor skills out of the equation. 

We’ve tested it with disabled communities across a wide variety of different disabilities and health issues that affect their hands, with great results. While we know that 1 design won’t match everyone’s needs, preferences, disability level and kinks, we’ve worked hard to find the most flexible and versatile design so we can help as many people with our first release as possible. 


Which off-the-shelf toys will work best in the middle sections?

Glad you asked! We’ve created The Joystick to work with a variety of different sizes, girths and types of toys, including wands, dildos and sleeves, for whatever gets you going.  Allowing you to breathe new life into toys you already own, or experiment with those you want to try. Stay tuned for user recommendations in the coming months. 


What is the expected shipping date?

We’re anticipating shipping in May 2022 based on the current estimates - we will keep you posted on our production every step of the way. 


How much does the Joystick cost? 

The Joystick costs $249 USD at full price, with a 15% discount for early bird pre-purchasers. 


Can I use insurance or other health care plans to help me pay for your products? 

Yes! There are different ways to tap into insurance and health plans in different countries. See below for country specific details. If you've found other ways to help pay for assistive tech intimacy products which are outlined below, please let us know so we can help others tap into these! 
Australia: If you are self managed or working with a plan manager for your NDIS funding, you may be able to claim back the cost of Bump’n items as part of your health goals! Yess! See here for specific instructions.
UK: You may be eligible to access your Personal Health Budget as Bump'n products are assistive technologies and intimacy aids, by listing sexual health as part of your needs or goals.

USA: You may be able to leverage your Health Savings Account, as Bump'n products are assistive technologies and intimacy aids, by speaking to your GP or OT.

Which buy now, pay later apps can I use?

We have Afterpay available at checkout. Zip Pay is coming soon!

How will my deposit be used? 

All pre-sales deposits will secure your place in line for the first disability-driven sex toy - woop! It will help to pay for the production of your Joystick and will be deducted from the total amount. Because your deposit will be used to bring your toy into the world, the deposit is non-refundable.


I'm on a fixed income - what accessible pricing options are available?

We’ve worked hard to ensure the The Joystick is accessible and affordable without sacrificing it’s high-end quality materials (skin-to-skin contact dictates this) and a design that will truly work. But we know dollar bills can be tight from time to time so we’ve included the following payment options: 

  1. NDIS eligible - For those in Australia, on a self or plan managed fund, you may be able to claim back using these steps. Click here to find out how to claim our products on NDIS
  2. AfterPay is available so you can pay in chunks and on a timeline that suits your budget. Zip Pay is coming soon!
  3. We’ve turned on donations so people can ‘fund an orgasm’ with donations going towards the purchase of Joysticks for those who need a… helping hand.