Crip Tips: How to have Great Oral Sex as a Wheelchair User

Here at Bump’n, you know we’re all about bumping the barriers around sexual pleasure and disability, right? As the Chief Disability Officer, one of my favourite things to do is to offer our top tips and tricks to make sex as a disabled person more enjoyable, more sensual and just downright hot! For today’s blog, I wanted to share some of my Crip Tips on how to receive and give great oral sex as a wheelchair user. Let's get down to it (pun definitely intended)!

When it comes to sexuality and sensuality, we often underestimate people who are seated in wheelchairs because we mistakenly assume that people who are sitting can’t offer anything sexually, and I am here to tell you that that couldn’t be more incorrect. First, let’s explore some tips for giving oral sex as a wheelchair user.

Get Down To The Right Level

One of the things that I love about being a wheelchair user when it comes to giving oral sex, is my proximity to my partner’s bits. Because I am seated, my head is pretty level to my partner’s waist. This is perfect for me because when it comes time for oral play, I don’t require too much in the way of access. All my partner has to do is pull their pants down, and straddle my wheelchair for me to have access to their genitalia. I like this because it doesn’t make my disability a deterrent to sex, it actually makes my disability a part of the sex because my wheelchair is involved. I can sit in the comfort of my wheelchair and still perform an act that my partner finds pleasurable. What could be hotter than that?

Tilt and Recline

If you have a wheelchair that tilts and/or reclines, I also find that this ramps things up (see what I did?), because you can change your position as you play. It makes for a great variety of positions for you to hone your skills as a champion of the oral arts. You can keep your chair upright if that’s the comfiest for you, or you can tilt all the way back. I find that for a lot of wheelchair users with complex disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis or Muscular Dystrophy, the act of swallowing and fully opening one’s throat can be a challenge. Having tilt and recline helps me to open my throat and relax those muscles. While this was designed predominantly for better eating, breathing and swallowing, no one says you can’t take it up a notch, hey? Give it a go, and maybe you’ll tilt your way into a great blowjob! If you are in a chair without that function like a manual chair, you can still achieve changes in position, by resting the wheelchair up against a wall, and tilting it slowly as you perform the act.
Also, if you are giving a wheelchair user oral pleasure, having them tilt and recline while you do so, allows for you to get into all their nooks and crip crannies that feel really good. It may help if you get on your knees, or prop yourself up on your elbows. Also, having them tilt and recline is a great way to access other erogenous zones like nipples!
Now, let’s look at some tips for getting oral sex from a wheelchair user if you yourself are not a wheelchair user.

Stabilize Yourself Using The Wheelchair

One of the great things about getting head from a wheelchair user is that their wheelchair can act as a great piece of sex furniture! Who knew? If you are receiving head from a wheelchair user, I would recommend planting your feet between their footrests, one on either side. Having a partner do this makes it easier for your disabled partner to grab your thighs, legs or other appendages to stabilise themselves whilst doing it. I have had partners put their legs up on parts of my wheelchair so we could try different things, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t f*cking hot! Woof! 4Touch Their Wheelchairs During Play (But Ask First) Whenever a non-disabled partner has received oral sex from me, I love it when they touch my wheelchair as part of the play. I love it when they grab my armrests just before climax, and when they brush their hands against my joystick as things get hot & heavy. I think it enhances the play because, similarly to our pro crip tip above, my disability and all that it entails is part of the experience*. (*It is important to remember, however, that a lot of disabled people have their mobility devices touched without consent or any checking in, and this happens all the time. So, I would recommend checking in before, throughout the oral play, and after to ensure their comfort level with their wheelchair being touched or used for play.*)


These are just some of my favorite crip tips about oral sex as a wheelchair user, and I hope they spark some hot convos, ideas, or pro crip tips of your own. We definitely want to hear from you. Hit us up with your own Crip Tips at

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