Announcing Lovehoney as our newest bed buddy!

We're so thrilled to announce Lovehoney as our newest bed buddy. These legends are helping us distribute The Handi Book into your hands (and laps) around the world, and it will be available on their UK, USA and Australia sites as of today! What's more, all proceeds will be going to fund the Handi toys - win/win! 

Get your copy of The Handi Book here!

In addition to The Handi Book, Lovehoney will be working with us on some exciting future projects that we can't wait to tell you about, so sit tight and stay tuned!

Lovehoney's Rob Godwin said:

“We’re so excited and proud to be working with Handi. We believe a happy and healthy sex life should be available for everyone, and this is just one step towards ensuring this is true for people with a disability.”  


What does this mean to you?
  • Going steady with Lovehoney, the biggest online adult retailer and leaders in sexual happiness, gives us a bigger platform to raise awareness of sex and wellbeing for people with a disability. Yesss!
  • It means we’ll be able to benefit from insight from their incredible teams to create products and designs that are the very best. Yes yes!
  • With the money raised from book sales, we’ll be able to get some sexy new products into your bedrooms even sooner and in more places. Ooohhh yessss!
  • You'll get 20% off Lovehoney sitewide when you purchase a physical copy of The Handi Book! OOH YEAAH! Discount codes will be emailed out next week.
Welcome to the Handi boudoir Lovehoney! 

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