Handi: Your Orgasm Insurance

As co-founder and CEO of Handi, I absolutely care about everyone's human right to self pleasure. And I think it's beyond ridiculous that there aren't any sex toys or brands that cater to the biggest single minority group in the world (yep, you read that right).

But I have a deep dark secret to share: Handi isn’t a completely selfless endeavour. Even though I have full use of my hands today, there is no guarantee that I will in the future. Interest and investment in Handi today, will insure my (and your) orgasms tomorrow. 

The stark reality is that 1 in 5 people have a disability*, but this increases as we age. By the time we reach 60, nearly half of us will have some form of disability, and by the time we’re rounding 90, that number climbs to 90% One of our disabled community members recently referred to me TAB -  Temporarily Able Bodied - and he was bang on. None of us know what tomorrow has in store, but there's a lot of certainty that our physical ability is on the downward trajectory, particularly when it comes to hand limitations - hello arthritis, hand weakness and fatigue, good-bye climax and pleasure. Thanks to our advances in healthcare, there’s every chance we'll make it to our 90s or beyond. 

Are you willing to give up your orgasms as you age, trading years for pleasure? We’ll have more time on our hands and less people to booty call. Our ability to self pleasure will be paramount for our sexual, physical and mental health.  

Handi is not for a small niche audience, it's for every single one of us. Everything we do today, will future proof our orgasms tomorrow. Because who among us doesn’t want to spent our final years experiencing the pure bliss of rubbing one out? 

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