How to turn your power wheelchair into one BIG sex toy

When most people look at a power wheelchair, they immediately see it as something that someone is confined or bound to. They look at it as this big, cumbersome thing that makes a disabled person’s life worse than theirs; pitiable and sad. As the person in the power wheelchair, I look at it as a source of freedom and strength. It is my “chairiot”. It makes me happy, but it also makes me feel safe and independent.
Over the years working in sexuality and disability, I have come to see my power chair as something else, too. Not only does it give me independence, it also makes me feel damned sexy. What could be sexier than a hot dude that knows how to take charge of 300 lbs of metal, steel and chrome with the flick of his wrist? Hot, right? Let me tell you how I use my power wheelchair as one big sex toy, and why it has been helpful in making my sex life go full speed ahead. 
1. Tilt & Recline
Modern power chairs have an awesome ability to tilt and recline. Typically, these modes are designed to help a disabled person shift their weight and reduce skin breakdown and pressure sores. But, lesser known fact, tilt and recline are fantastic when one is seated, sexy and wants to get it on with someone else or have a solo session with their other joystick...LOL.
2. Recline for 'Chair Head'
For sexy times, tilt and recline mean that the power wheelchair user doesn’t have to transfer to a bed if they don’t want to. Recline allows them to lay the wheelchair all the way back in a lay down position, making it easier to receive some awesome “chair head” - it is easier for a non-disabled partner to access their body without worrying about having to transfer them. I have also found that by being able to recline the chair, it is a whole lot easier for a non-disabled partner climb on top for penetrative play.
3. Use it for giving as well as receiving
Another reason I love the tilt and recline functions on my power chair is because they allow me to give pleasure, not just receive it. Usually, when my chair is parked, it sits at 90 degrees. This is the perfect angle for me to write a racy blog post like this one, but it isn’t so sexy when I want to play with my partner’s piece, but I can’t reach it. Tilt allows for me to raise the whole base of my chair all the way back so that a partner could receive pleasure from me without having to contort themselves around my chair too much.
4. Take it for a ride
I also enjoy it when a new lover wraps their arms around me in my wheelchair. One time I was making out with a hook-up partner and we were really going at it hard (pun intended). Just as things were ramping up and I could feel the excitement between us, my power chair suddenly lurched forward at top speed into my wall. Ooooops.
If you are going to use your power chair as a sex toy, make sure you turn it off before you start playing, unless you’re both into things that go hard and fast. :)
Share with us how you’ve used your mobility aid as sex toy!

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