Introducing The Bump'n Joystick

We’ve reached a huge, orgasmic milestone! We are so thrilled to announce that our first toy, The Bump'n Joystick, is heading into prototyping!!!  We will have prototypes in our hands and laps, ready for testing, in as little as four weeks!

We’ve come a really long way since we first shared our designs a couple months ago:
  • We’ve partnered with an amazing industrial design company Vert Design, who have taken the initial concept and worked wonders. 
  • We’ve continued to work with our amazing cohort of Occupational Therapists, and of course the legendary Dr. Judith Glover, Industrial Designer, Researcher and the only woman the world with a pHD in sex toy design. Seriously, how was this course not offered when we went to school!? 
  • And best of all,  your support buying a copy of The Bump'n Book of Love, Lust & Disability, has provided the initial dollars needed to take our amazing designs and birth it into the world. Real. Life. Prototypes. 
We know what you’re all thinking: Do you need testers?! And yes, we do! We’ll only be able to select a few but if you’re keen please register your interest.  

We can’t share the entire designs with you today, but we hope you get turned on by the sneak peeks and The Joystick's:
  • Stunning design - What a good looking bed buddy! 
  • Flexibility - Designed to hit all your sweet spots and 'werk it' for a variety of body types, disabilities and sexual preferences
  • Cuddly Vibes - The Joystick is just beggggging to be cuddled with pillows that are built in and easy to strip off for cleaning. 
  • Fun for everyone - With a vibrating or insertable middle section, fit for all gender expressions 
And of course, this baby's as hands free as possible, start to finish: from unboxing to enjoy(stick)ing to cleaning and charging - we've sweated all the details to increase accessibility.  Perfect for anyone with hand limitations or those who simply want their hands free to do… other things 😉 This toy is for EVERYONE. 
Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts for your support and for buying The Bump'n Book. We’ll keep you posted when The Bump'n Joysticks prototypes have landed.  
If you're keen to help us hit more milestones on the way to hitting your erogenous zones, pick up a copy of The Bump'n Book - every dollar is made goes towards the development of our toys.

Thank you thank you! Team Bump'n

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