Sneak Peek of the First Handi Toy

The moment has finally cum! Here's a sneak peek of the first Handi toy! 

As promised, we’ve been busy, beavering away designing the very first Handi toy. We're so excited to give you a peek under the covers at our prototype in development.  

There are SO many reasons to get turned on by this design:

  • It's flexible for different disabilities, abilities, bodies and positions; guaranteed to hit all your sweet spots.

  • It's fun for everyone, designed for all gender expressions! More on how this works to come. 

  • You can get turned on with a nod, with a chin control that's always in reach. 

  • It's huggable, made to be the perfect cuddle partner (cuz we could all use an extra cuddle these days).

  • And it’s got optional vibration for maximum pleasure .. oohhh ya!

And best of all, as 'hands free' as possible. 

We're not the only ones head over heels. Our community is getting hot 'n heavy too, with reactions like:  

“ This is what we have been waiting for...  a toy that helps people of all abilities find and follow their pleasure, thanks Handi from a very grateful bunch of Occupational Therapists!” - Anita Brown-Major, Sr. Occupational Therapist, Thrive Rehab


"Wow! I'm excited for a vibe that's easy to use while laying down too 😍” - Amari 


This is awesome! I love that you are creating something so versatile! 🙌 - Sexual Confidence Project


"I use a chin controlled Xbox controller so I can’t wait to add this to the collection 😅” - Erin 

The design may change as we test it and get feedback from our lucky community members. We’ll keep you abreast changes along the way.  As always, we value your feedback so shout out with any questions or reactions. 

If you haven’t already, register your interest to keep up to date on product developments and release date!

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