This Week At Handi: Our designs lost their V-Card

This week at Handi was a big one - we gave some lucky people a peek under the sheets, unveiling our 4 design concepts to the world for the first time. So far, we've conducted sessions with 11 Occupational Therapists from around the world - Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, India and the US represented.

Some of the initial feedback included, and we quote:

"When I saw this toy, my jaw hit the floor" (Tess Deveze) and "That design is genius, it just makes so much sense" (Natalie Hamam) #blushing

Not only were these OTs incredibly passionate and insightful about the topic of sex and disability, their ingenuity blew us away. Already, our designs are on the road to become stronger and more accessible for more people.

In addition to the designs, this incredible group of OTs also highlighted the importance of sex & disability and Handi's mission, proclaiming:

"I'm sick and tired of people not being seen as people... this is a major step for disabled people to be seen as people" (Tess Deveze) , "Every person is sexual being with sexual needs" (Narelle Higson) and "Sexuality is so tied to a person's identity, it unlocks potential for people to understand themselves and their relationships with others in a beautiful way" (Rose Broadway).

To this, we say 'damn straight!'

We also learned a TONNE about pleasure and accessing it.. by the end of the week our wrists were sore, and not just from taking notes. ;)

Over the next 2 weeks, we're heading into interviews with the disabled community. We can't wait to delve deeper and see where we end up. We'll report back. If you're keen to get involved and participate in our testing, get in touch!

Many thanks to everyone who has participated and supported us on this journey so far!

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