Episode 7: Sex & Disability as an Occupational Therapist

On this episode 7 of The Handicast, Heather and I introduce you to one of our team members and friends Anita Brown-Major who is an Occupational Therapist specialising in helping elderly and disabled folks talk about and access sexuality.   It's not everyday you hear from OTs wanting to talk about sex, so having a full on convo with Anita was absolutely brilliant.  We talk how to talk to an OT about sex and disability, how to talk to a client about sex and disability as an Occupational Therapist and so much more. Tune in here!
You can follow Anita’s work at www.thriverehab.com.au
You can hear more about our toy The Handi Joystick here: https://thatshandi.co/blogs/handi-blog/introducing-the-handi-joystick